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How does website design Croydon impact my business?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

So you’ve started your own business from scratch - it’s impressive and we get that for many the website can feel secondary or just something that facilitates sales - which yeah, sure it does. But the way your website is built can have serious visibility and sales impacts. We’ve put together six ways that your website designs in Croydon can impact your business.

Six ways website design Croydon can impact business

Number one - It’s all about user experience and no one wants their experience to be hindered. You know what it’s like entering a page that looks dated, tired and like it was designed back when we still used dial up. Straight away you’ve made a judgement about a company in the same way that if you entered a restaurant and saw a used tea towel on the floor - you wouldn’t wanna stick around.

Number Two - ‘Sorry what was that? - I wasn't listening.’ Humans are developing shorter attention spans, yep online use is making us more and more inattentive. You need to make sure your audience can get to what they want quickly - a quick experience is a good experience when it comes to online. Having websites full of less can often be more - and will also lead to quicker loading speeds. Win. Win.

Number Three - Underperforming websites will affect your search engine positioning. When we look at Google’s mission statement ‘our mission is to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ To put it simply, Google wants to put the good websites at the top - those that give results that serve their purpose.

Number Four - Word of mouth is still a thing. I know this can come as a shock but people do still talk, and if someone has a bad experience online they are likely to tell people not to enter that website. It doesn’t matter if word of mouth is a small percentage of what is driving traffic to your site - it is still driving traffic to your site. Ensuring a user friendly site will produce happy clients, happy clients give happy reviews.

Number Five - Have you ever heard of a ‘bounce rate’? If you haven’t - you should be looking into it. A bounce rate is basically an overview of how many people looked at your site and whether they looked at other pages. Bounce rate is important not only for looking at your own rates but it can be a great way to encourage other businesses to advertise on your site - creating further revenue for your business.

Number Six - Get mobile. 65% of digital media time is via mobile devices. You need to make sure your website is not just desktop friendly - it needs to be mobile friendly too. Mobile searches have been more popular than desktops since 2015 - it’s time to go mobile.

We at ThinkGrow are experts in website creation and understand the complexities and challenges all the above statements can cause a business - it’s why using us for website design Croydoncould actually make a lasting impact on the success of your business.


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