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PPC services

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a cost-effective way of reaching your audience with a defined return on investment. We’ll make sure every click counts with a PPC strategy that cuts through the noise.

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How can we help you cut through the noise?

PPC remarketing

PPC remarketing is a powerful way of connecting with engaged audiences. Our strategy will involve placing your products in front of your ideal consumer for a huge return on investment.

PPC Google shopping

For many users, Google shopping is the first port of call when comparing products and prices. We’ll make sure your products are at the forefront of where they should be through refined and intelligent targeting.

PPC display advertising

A refined PPC strategy will help drive engaged and valuable traffic to your website. That’s where we come in. Our PPC specialists will make sure your PPC display advertising is refined, targeted and high yielding

PPC Audit

PPC strategy is all about maximising your investment. We’ll dig into your PPC campaigns and isolate opportunities for growth to improve your return on investment.

The ThinkGrow Approach

We believe in an open, transparent and collaborative working partnership with our clients. That’s why we keep our process simple, but effective.

We listen

You know your industry better than we do. So we act like sponges and absorb your industry expertise to understand your ambitions, product and business.

We research

Next we research the market – spot opportunities to grow your business and isolate your competitor’s weaknesses.

We deliver

The ThinkGrow team is a responsive, versatile and flexible unit that has the skills to deliver effective campaigns and react to changes. We only believe in delivering work to the highest standard for our clients.

We measure

We’re a result driven digital agency and are obsessed with the numbers that count. We work to match and exceed your objectives – otherwise ThinkGrow wouldn’t exist.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Keyword Research
    We will undertake keyword analysis to examine the optimisation quality of any current keywords and to identify missing potential keywords. After extensive research, we will compile together a list of local target keywords of high volume and rank to optimize your website.
  • 2. Competitor Analysis
    We will also study competitors to determine their tactics and relation to you in the local area. This will help us to develop our optimisation strategy.
  • 3. Business Reviews
    Business reviews can have a big impact on the reputation of a business. Potential customers will more often than not base their decision to use your services on the quality of your reviews. Reviews indicate to users the quality standard that your business has to offer. Having a lot of positive and detailed reviews across different social media and review platforms like Facebook and TripAdvisor is likely to drive a lot more traffic to your site and boost conversions. We will assess any current reviews and facilitate opportunities for more customers to leave ratings and reviews for your business.
  • 4. Local links
    With Google's dependence upon internal and external links to translate and boost your site, we will evaluate links and aim to incorporate links that contain localised content and are attached to sites with high authority. In our practice, we value quality over quantity. It is far better to include quality links to reputable sites than to overload a page with spammy links as this can cause a site to go down in estimations in the eyes of Google and site visitors.
  • 5. Local References
    We will examine any citations to your business, where your business is mentioned online and on the type of sites or social media platforms it appears on.
  • 6. Social Media Presence
    A strong social media presence is beneficial for SEO as social media can help to build brand reputation and attract a larger audience. Building a rapport of trust with your audience is key to generating a loyal following and we will examine your business' social media platforms in order to determine the best method of boosting social engagement. We also offer social media management services.
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