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Digital marketing agency Croydon, delivering quality and quantity!

One of the problems when there is a change in how we work, such as the industrial revolution to where we are today, is that a great deal of new words start to appear. When mobile phones first arrived, they were called cell phones, mobile phones or portables. Then we got smartphones, apps, texts and various other jargon. Marketing used to be centred around tangible items, which included billboards, newspaper or magazine advertisements. Posters, pamphlets and business cards were supported by radio and television advertising. The internet brought a whole raft of new terminology, and since around 2010, marketing started to change dramatically. Running and growing a business has always been tough; now, trying to attract new customers and keep existing ones is complicated by websites, social media, mobile marketing and many other factors. As a digital marketing agency Croydon, our team of SEO experts Croydon will relieve you of the additional pressure of trying to cope with modern marketing techniques. Our expertise and skill in e-marketing will improve the quality of your presence and increase the quantity of your customers.

Standing still is like going backwards!

In a rapidly evolving business world where technology is constantly changing, it requires a focused team to help a business stay ahead of the pack. Just having a website is no longer going to keep you ahead of your competitors. Search engines, such as Google, are also working hard to stay ahead of their competition by adapting to their market. For example, it is reported that in 2018, Google made changes to its algorithms over three thousand times. It takes a team of experienced experts in this field just to stay up to date. As a 21st-century digital marketing agency Croydon, we are constantly updating our systems to provide our clients with the best service. As soon as we are aware of changes, we make the necessary changes to ensure that our clients retain their marketing advantage.

Page ranking crucial

By our very nature, human beings enjoy convenience, and over the years, this word has resulted in businesses adapting their operations. When people search the web, they want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly with the least amount of difficulty. At ThinkGrow, we don’t just design pretty websites; we design beautiful and fully functional websites that can deliver what you want and what your searchers are looking for. Collecting and analysing data is absolutely crucial to know and understand how well your site is doing and what tweaks need to be made. Our SEO experts will optimise your website so that it conforms to the search engines' rules; they will use the right keywords, strategically placed so that the traffic potential will be realised. Quality links from the correct sites will enhance your exposure and improve your ranking. As part of our SEO servicing Croydon, our SEO experts Croydon will monitor your content and regularly update it so that your website stays relevant.

Fulfilling the new generation’s needs

As a modern, dynamic digital marketing agency Croydon, we are aware of the rapid strides mobile marketing is making. To appeal to the latest and future generations, mobile marketing, as a string to your bow, is essential. These days, most people, young and old, will have some form of mobile device with them. Mobile marketing encompasses a range of channels, including smartphones, social media, apps, tablets, etc. Your website must be optimised to provide a pleasant and satisfying experience on all these channels. At ThinkGrow, we don’t only keep you in the loop, we keep you in the front row where your prominent presence is most effective.


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