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A guide to website design from us at ThinkGrow

One of the best ways to grow your business is by having a website, and here at ThinkGrow we can help you with this. The internet has become a massive part of marketing for the business world, because you can reach a much broader customer base, way beyond your local area. Our team can create and design a website that really represents you and your business, that gives new potential customers a glimpse of your business before entering it in person.

Do I need a website?

When you have a website, it is used as a hub for people to go to when they want to get information about your business or contact you. It is more common now for potential customers to want to research your business before buying a product or service from you, and a website allows them to do this. Nowadays, most businesses will have a website, so it can be very beneficial to have one if you want to be more visible against your competitors. If someone is wanting to find a service online in their local area, and your competitors have a website but you don’t, you could be at a disadvantage.

Website design - what’s included?

At ThinkGrow, when it comes to creating your website design in Croydon, we will ensure that all of the important information about your business is shown, so that people can get a clear idea of who you are and what you do. As well as this, we will design your website to make it attractive, easy to use and inviting to potential new customers.

Who you are

By adding some pictures and information about you and/or your team members on your website, it puts a face behind the business, which can really help to build trust with the potential new customer.

Contact information

One of the most beneficial things that we include when creating a website design in Croydon is the business’s contact information. This means that if someone is looking at your website and wants to approach you about a product or service, they will easily be able to do so.

What you’re offering

It is crucial that information about your products and/or services is clear on your website, as that is the reason most people will be looking at it. We will ensure that we include all of the details about everything your business provides, in an easy-to-read format.

Customer reviews

Providing us with real customer reviews to put on your website can be hugely beneficial, as this engenders the faith in your business that it can successfully provide the product/service they are looking for. When a potential new customer can see good reviews from real people, they are more likely to continue browsing.

Social media links

Another thing that we will include on your website design in Croydon will be your social media links. Billions of people around the world use social media to connect with each other, and you can use it for your business too. We can put links to all of your different social media pages on your website so that people can further research your business if they wish to.


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