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Why choose a sustainable digital marketing agency London?

It is important to try and incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our life. We all need to play our part in saving the planet. Government targets for the environment may sound difficult to achieve, but if each of us plays a part then it is all within our reach. We can improve the planet for our generation and promote healthy living and wellbeing for our future generations. Here at ThinkGrow we are a sustainable digital marketing agency London. We promote your business to the world in a sustainable manner. By choosing to delegate your digital marketing to our sustainable digital marketing agency London you will be helping to look after the planet with us.

Sustainability at ThinkGrow

If you are an environmentally conscious business or you have environmentally conscious clients, then ThinkGrow is the ideal solution for your digital marketing needs. There are many ways by which we incorporate sustainability within our agency. Our team works remotely to help reduce air pollution and minimise our carbon footprint. Working from home reduces both travel emissions from commuting and saves the need to heat, cool, or light offices. We strive to ensure sustainable behaviour within our daily activities. This includes minimising the use of paper, printing only when necessary, purchasing environmentally friendly office supplies and limiting the use of electricity by turning off all devices at the main plug point.

Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar

On a large scale we support the Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar. Madagascar is one of the largest islands in the world, inhabited by a rich array of flora and fauna some of which are not found anywhere else on Earth. Over the last few decades global markets and a growing population has led to more than 80% of Madagascar’s forests being cut down.

Deforestation is responsible for climate imbalance and climate change which we can see in the form of flooding and global warming. Deforestation can result in desertification, soil erosion and fewer crops. Cutting down trees results in increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and also multiple issues for the indigenous people who are now struggling to survive.

The Eden Reforestation Project aims to replant the trees that were lost. This replanted forest will reach all the villages and even to the national reserve. Once a healthy forest is established it can take care of itself and every living thing below it, as well as the atmosphere and the world around it.

You can play your part too

So far, here at ThinkGrow, we have helped plant 1000 trees and our target is to plant 10,000 trees. By delegating your digital marketing campaign to our sustainable digital marketing agency London you can be a part of this wonderful project too. When you join us we will begin by planting 5 trees on your behalf and during your time with our digital marketing agency we will plant a tree for each blog that we provide for your website. We can help you build brand awareness, attract new clients and customers to boost the success of your business, whilst looking after the planet for us and for future generations too.


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