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Come join a sustainable digital marketing agency Croydon with ThinkGrow

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

At ThinkGrow, we are all about getting your business’s website ranked highly on a Google search results page, if not in the top spot as number 1! We do this in many ways, from helping to reform your website so that it triggers Google’s algorithms to creating content that connects with frequently searched keywords and linking to quality content on other websites. We also pride ourselves on being a sustainable digital marketing agency Croydon. This means that through the work we do for our clients’ companies, we are also contributing to making a difference in the environment, and you can too.

How we help to save the planet

At ThinkGrow, our SEO experts Croydon are passionate about improving your visibility on Google’s results pages for user searches, but they are also keen to help work in an environmentally friendly way. We have achieved this by working remotely so that we don’t have a carbon footprint with commuting. We also use environmentally friendly strategies by turning off devices at the plug after we have finished using them, minimising the need for printing on paper, and using eco-friendly office supplies.

We also lease data centres that have ambitious sustainability goals; from this, we have achieved accreditation from the EFWA (Eco-friendly Web Alliance) as a climate-positive website. Through the work we do, we hope to plant 10,000 trees in alliance with the Eden Project Madagascar, where 90% of their forests have been destroyed. So, for every blog article we write to boost your business’ presence on the search engine’s results page, we will plant a tree. We also offer five trees for every new client to start them off on their road to making a positive impact on the environment whilst watching their business grow too!

SEO, your business and the environment

For ensuring that your business features more prominently on a Google search result, there are many things that we can do as a sustainable digital marketing agency Croydon. We have the skills and expertise to manage the content and structure of your website to optimise the way it links with Google’s algorithms. This work needs constant monitoring and analysis, which our SEO services Croydon cover, taking the pressure off your shoulders and leaving you to concentrate on running your business. As your website’s presence increases and gains more traffic, you should find that your business starts to thrive more, leaving you with less time to think about trying to do it yourself! At the same time, you can feel proud that you are part of an environmentally friendly SEO drive. It’s certainly something to tell your clientele about too. You will have had trees planted in Madagascar because of you, after all!

Find out more

If you would like to know how we can help your business to grow through SEO Marketing, then we would be delighted to hear from you and chat with you about how we can help whilst also getting more trees planted and creating a better planet because of the work our sustainable digital marketing agency Croydon can do for you.


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