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Our SEO agency can help you get to the first page of Google

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Are you looking for a way to profit from your blog? Or to simply get more attention directed to your web page?

If so, you will need to do more than simply design a good-looking landing page. This is where knowledge of search engine optimisation, or SEO, comes into play. And can make you a successful blogger or attract more customers to your company

At ThinkGrow, our SEO agency in Croydon knows how to make a page as successful as possible by utilising SEO tricks to keep the Google bots engaged with your web page. And thus, rank it higher on search engine pages.

But what are some of these tricks that we use? Here are 5 simple tips that our SEO agency in Croydon uses to make your blog a source of passive income. Or to keep your business page attracting customers.


Not just content. But unique content.

Duplicated content is a big no-no for blog pages or landing pages. With the Google bots actively removing duplicate content from their top pages.

Our SEO agency in Croydon can ensure that all of the content on your web page is unique. Our team of trained writers and SEO experts can update your blog as often as you want. Thus keeping you on the first page of Google search results. Attracting more business to your home page.


We will also conduct research into what is trending in your specific area.

Suppose you run a bakery. The current most frequently searched bakery item may be organic wholemeal bread. Our team will search for this, identify the keywords and then set our writers to the task of creating the content for your page around this.

Website makeover

OK, so it is worth noting that all of the websites on the first page of Google follow logical layouts and have striking designs.

If we spot that your web page has some bugs, we will aim to resolve them. We will adapt the design to be more personalised and promote your brand. While also ensuring that your website follows a unique, but logical design pattern. Thus allowing the search bots to skim through it quickly and to keep it on the top page of Google.

Mobile accessibility

One of the key devices that most people access websites from is a smartphone. Or other handheld devices.

So, our team at ThinkGrow will aim to make your mobile page or blog mobile accessible. This will not only help with people accessing the blog. But it will once again allow those Google bots to better see the page and rank it higher on their listings.

Faster access

It goes without saying that faster loading websites are the most successful ones.

Not only because people are less likely to click off them, but because increased speeds allow Google bots to access the site and to sweep it quickly. There may be many things that are causing your website to be slow. Such as larger images or videos. Our team will aim to compress these, to allow faster access when clicking on your site's home page.


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