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How does an SEO agency Croydon help me discover the key to good content?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

A SEO expert is trained to have an excellent ear and eye for what you content needs to include to help get you to the top of the search engine lists. There are multiple strategic tactics to play when creating content that are important as they help us find out what products and services are in your target market - at ThinkGrow we are able to identify these and then work with our team and you so that you get the best content for your brand.

Why is having good content important?

Firstly, quality content generates high CTR (Click Through Rate) - Search engines consider your CTR an important factor in the ranking of your website. The more you get people to enter your website and follow your links, the more likely you are to get a better ranking.

Secondly, quality content helps you generate backlinks (backlinks are links when one website links to another) when creating good quality SEO one of the best strategies to get a better ranking is to backlink high authority websites. For many search engines high quality backlinks show the credibility of the website - the more backlinks you have the higher your rank. Using the expert knowledge of an SEO agency in Croydon will advance you in this area as. We have a wealth of knowledge through our SEO experts about the types of websites you should be backlinking.

Thirdly, strategic, engaging content allows you to incorporate keywords (keywords define what your content is about) having content that is well formatted, interesting and relevant whilst not being overtly obvious in its pitch is by no means easily done. SEO services like us at ThinkGrow have a team of professional writers who put together bespoke, individual tailored onsite articles and blog posts for your business. Through these posts we are able to compete with other brands in your industry.

Finally and most importantly - the use of a SEO agency in Croydon will ensure you with content that provides an excellent user experience. SEO that works goes beyond just strategy, backlinks and good writing - it also needs someone to create engaging, well structured websites that audiences can easily engage with.

How has ThinkGrow helped businesses with SEO content in the past?

We pride ourselves as an SEO agency in Croydon that provides a custom service for all our users. The team will create individual briefs so that the content made for your business is informative, educational, and interesting whilst also keeping the marketing of your products at the forefront.

Marketpreneurs is a company we collaborated with firstly in 2019 - before the project began Marketpreneurs weren’t even ranking in the top 100 as they had a major visibility problem. Within a month of working alongside us they have massively shifted in how it was ranking in their keywords up to positions four, ten and thirteen and they now currently sit in position 0,0 and 2. How did we get them here? Excellent content provided by a SEO expert. Contact us today to start your journey to better SEO content.


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