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FAQs about SEO answered by our agency

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Are you new to the world of online marketing? Do you need some help getting your website to attract people to your business?

In 2022, the best way to boost your website rankings on Google, or any other search engine is with search engine optimisation. Also known as SEO.

But if you are running your own business, you don’t have time to research and learn all of the skills needed to get your web page to attract views.

This is where our team at ThinkGrow comes in.

At ThinkGrow, our SEO agency in Croydon can use SEO to boost the ranking of all manner of web pages. Whether you are selling cars or candles, we can make your page successful. With ease and expertise!

But you may have some questions about SEO in general. So here, some of the team at our SEO agency in Croydon answers some basic SEO questions.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of making your web page rank better on search engine results pages.

Our SEO agency in Croydon employs experts in this area.

SEO generates organic traffic to your site. In other words, customers who may be searching for keywords affiliated with your products or the services you are offering. SEO simply allows them to access your web page easily. Compared to other forms of online marketing, it is the most affordable option per head.

Why should I invest in it?

In simple terms, because everyone is!

If you run an online store that is offering mobile dog hair grooming in East London, chances are that there is another business near you doing the same thing. And they may be earning more money than you because they have invested in SEO.

So, by not investing in SEO, you may be losing money. Also, it is the only really sure-fire way to get to the top page on Google.

Why do I keep reading about the importance of keywords?

Keywords are a key part of SEO strategy.

Let's go back to the mobile dog grooming example. Suppose potential customers in your area are searching for ways to minimise the chances of their dogs getting fleas. The keywords may be ‘preventing fleas dogs.’ With SEO and our team's expertise, we can detect this and will use these keywords to create an original blog post. This will rank your website higher on Google, while also boosting your blog content.

Is it a one-off thing?

SEO can start with a major overhaul of your web page.

We might make it over, compress images or videos, change the layout and of course, start the blog page. All while writing articles with targeted keywords and backlinks. Then, over the next few months, there will be some tweaking to keep you ranking on the top page of Google for your area.

How can your company help me?

As mentioned before, we can makeover your page, to make it more easily accessible to Google bots. We can also boost your original content while making your website faster and increase mobile access. All designed to get you on to the top page of Google.


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