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Different types of SEO with the help of our SEO agency in Croydon

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

If you are looking to boost the success of your business then you need to focus on your digital marketing and search engine optimisation or SEO. Digital marketing is the only way forward in this era of digitalisation and without SEO it is difficult to create a strong online presence. You need a marketing campaign which consists of a fantastic business website and strong SEO to help you attract quality customers. To do this you need increased website traffic and greater conversion rate optimisation or CRO. Most of us have heard of these terms, but unless you are trained in information technology they can be difficult to implement and maintain. Speak to us at ThinkGrow today to find out more about creating a strong online presence for your business.

Our experienced and specialist SEO agency in Croydon will take care of your digital marketing needs, create a successful website and implement SEO throughout your digital content. We will help attract new attention for your business, whilst maintaining existing clients and customers, to help build your reputation and brand so that you become trusted and recognised in your field.

Contact our SEO agency in Croydon today. Our portfolio includes modern, bespoke and highly successful websites for a range of different types of businesses, whose reviews and ratings you can find on our website. We are able to offer our knowledge and expertise to put together a wonderful digital marketing campaign and strong SEO for your business which will increase publicity, help attract more attention to your products and services, as well as aid in boosting success and business revenue.

Different types of SEO

First we will address your technical SEO. This is made up of the technical aspects of your website such as the website structure and architecture, including how easy it is for Google to search, crawl and index your pages so that it can instantly direct prospective customers to these pages. We will make sure that your website is functioning correctly at all times and that it is accessible on all types of devices and that it is optimised for mobile phones. The majority of local businesses are searched for on mobile phones, therefore to attract the attention of your neighbourhood it is important to make sure that you have good local SEO in place. This means that you can be easily found by the people in your geographical vicinity and can one day become one of the top businesses in your area. Our team will also help make sure that you have good ‘on page’ SEO and ‘off page’ SEO, so that you can build a good reputation for your business and when potential customers are directed to your website you can make sure that they are able to find everything that they are searching for in one place. With CRO techniques in place, visitors will be encouraged to explore your website and make a purchase or take up your services very soon. Speak to us at Thinkgrow today and find out more about how our SEO agency in Croydon can help boost the success of your business.


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