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ThinkGrow Digital Marketing is the evolution and collaboration of 2 Award Winning Digital Marketing Agencies based in Croydon, South London. Through this association ThinkGrow has access to over 20 years experience of Google Domination and know-how from a team who has created a formula for success for 1,000's of dentists in one of the UK's most competitive medical professionals.

Fourhands Designs

Fourhands Designs was founded in 2017 and within less than 18 months was a finalist as one of Croydons 'Best New Startups 2019'


Wix Recognition 

Our expertise and superior performance was recognised by Wix, who or what is Wix you ask?

" is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. 

Featuring as guest expert on SEO and providing success case studies to their community and even a shoutout for our awards success.

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Dental Focus



Krishan Joshi

Founder & CEO

Dental Focus Marketing


Krishan Joshi, Founder and CEO of Dental Focus, comes from a family background in dentistry and believes in everyone having the freedom to pursue their dreams. Dental Focus was established by Krishan in 2001 when he was studying at the London School of Economics, following the Dot Com Boom and has since created over 1,000 dental websites and helped thousands of dentists in the UK & Ireland to attract patients and grow their practices through Emotional Websites, Google Domination and Social Media Engagement. Krishan is still inspired by his father Dr Vinod Joshi, Consultant and Professor in Restorative Dentistry and Founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation, who instilled the belief in everyone having the freedom to pursue their dreams. Krishan’s sister who is also a dentist, Dr Geeta Perks, heads Dental Focus Australia in pursuit of their global dreams.

Having created over 1,000+ dental websites over 20+ years, one of the key frameworks that successful Dental Focus clients use to make their websites powerful, emotional, and a cut above the competition is the "7P's", coined by Coach Chris Barrow. This is about personalising your website to ensure that it reflects your practice and everything that you have to offer. Your practice is much more than the treatments that you provide, and the 7P's ensure that you don't miss anything out by addressing Profile, People, Premises, Prices, Promises, Proof and Products. 

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