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Holding Plant

Raheem Syed

Holding Plant

Raheem has an analytical background, completing a Mathematics and Statistics degree before working at a fast-paced digital marketing agency in both operational and client-facing roles. He specialises in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign management, as well as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads campaign management. Through this he has helped many businesses achieve higher rankings on Google and in turn delivering high impact ROI. Through this, he has Co-founded an innovative Google visibility and conversion rate optimisation agency called ThinkGrow®.⁠

With an emphatic approach, he connects with clients to ensure they are getting the service they require. This, coupled with his analytical skill-set is what enables him to deliver confident and reasoned guidance to all his clients. ⁠

Outside of digital marketing, he spends time helping GCSE and A-level Maths students achieve higher grades. Forming a personal connection with his students, he is able to tailor-make his lessons to be both engaging and informative, with a proven record of improving by 2 grades on average. He employs his calm and methodical approach to everyone he interacts with at a business level.⁠

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