To create, grow and manage your businesses website and online presence, allowing you to focus on business offline.

SEO services

At Fourhands Designs we take care of your basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short). SEO is the term used to describe the different methods and techniques that can improve the position of a website when it is listed in search results pages.

We can help with updating the content on your website regularly, with the latest upto date practices and offer guidance on your websites performance by looking at Analytics data.

The Wix SEO Guy Mark Preston has set about changing the industries impression of Wix and its SEO abilities. 


Google is King!

In the UK approximately 90% of searches are made using Google. For this reason we use basic optimisation methods when creating the website with an aim predominantly at Google rankings but will also help with other search engine results.


In creation we focus on optimising your websites Onsite SEO, this is the optimisation of the websites content and meta data.


Offsite SEO usually consists of link building, these are links from other sources that help the search engines to judge your websites relevance and authority. This is something we can provide advise on.