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The importance of an SEO agency for effective marketing

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

If you have a business, small or large, new or established, selling products or services, you need an SEO agency in Croydon to help ensure the success of your business. We want you to have enough time to run your business effectively and we understand that marketing and SEO is time consuming, requiring regular maintenance as well as in-depth knowledge of current marketing techniques and strategies. Here at ThinkGrow we are an SEO agency in Croydon with almost 20 years of experience in creating websites and marketing strategies for businesses all over the country. We will create an individually tailored marketing plan with strong SEO for your business and we will maintain this for you using our knowledge and expertise, so that you can focus your efforts on the parts of the business that you know best. Together we can find new clients, grow awareness and build reputation whilst increasing sales and revenue for your business. Speak to us at ThinkGrow today to find out more.

Technical SEO audit

If you already have a website for your business then our technical team will carry out a full audit of your website for you. This will help us find out how effectively your website is working and what you need to help boost the success of it, as well as how we can help you in creating and maintaining SEO. Without SEO your website may as well be non-existent, so our specialist team will find out which SEO techniques you already have in place and work on this area for you to increase the exposure of your website to a quality audience, who are already looking for the services or products that you have to offer.

Local SEO

The majority of searches for local businesses are carried out online. Attracting clients from your local area is essential for the success of your business. We will make sure that a strong online presence with good SEO helps build a strong reputation for your business, so that you become the most recognised provider in your area for your products or services. We will make sure that your online presence is memorable and credible, and that clients are able to find you easily when searching for your products or services. It is important that, when they do find you, clients have access to all your details and they find an effective website which is easy to access, navigate and engage with, encouraging them to either visit you in person or continue on to carry out a transaction with you online.

Link building

Our SEO agency in Croydon will help you with link building which is an important strategy in good business marketing. We will help you inform other businesses in the area of your products or services. We will encourage them to refer you to their clients as well, by mentioning your website, or including links to your website on their pages. This will help increase your audience as well as building trust and credibility amongst your prospective clients. Speak to us at ThinkGrow today to find out more.


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